What we do


Drug Demand Reduction

 The Young Marines “Closing the Gate on Drugs” initiative focuses our drug demand reduction efforts on raising awareness of  common gateway drugs (tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, prescription drugs and marijuana) that are either in homes or neighborhoods and are most often encountered and easily accessed by children and young adults.

 We have developed a standardized curriculum that is taught to Young Marines by senior Young Marines, and we have developed product and information packages available to all our Your Young Marines are encouraged to deploy this initiative into their communities to reach out to their peers.

Drug Enforcement Administration

 “The DEA first met with the Young Marines a few years ago,” Tammy Simpson, drug prevention program manager of the DEA’s Drug Demand Reduction Section said, “We were so impressed with the Young Marines’ initiative when communicating with peers and others about the dangers associated with using drugs. We appreciate the Young Marines efforts to educate the community and increase awareness about the drug problem.”


The Department of Defense has awarded the Young Marines program the Fulcrum Shield Award seven times for excellence in Youth Anti-Drug Programs. The award recognizes military-affiliated youth organizations around the world that have made concerted efforts at spreading the anti-drug message throughout their communities