Frequenty Asked Question


Q: What is the Young Marines?
A: The Young Marines is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 youth education and service program for boys and girls ages 8 through graduation of high school. Young Marines are organized into local units located in nearly every state in the United States. We are not a baby sitting service, a place for misguided youth or a trophy participation youth group. Instead we help make good youths better and instil a sense of discipline, structure and leadership. 

Q: Is the Young Marines a resident program?
A: No! The youths do NOT attend a "military-style" resident program. This is not a program where you send your children for an extended period. On average, our unit meets twice per month year round and perform community service regularly in between.

Q: What is the nature of the Young Marines program?
A: The Young Marines program is run in a military fashion using similar staff structure, courtesies, customs and discipline as the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marine Corps enlisted rank structure is used and the Young Marines wear the old U.S. Marine Corps woodland (tri-color) camouflage uniform with the addition of Young Marine patches.
Young Marines work toward ribbons for personal achievement similar to badges earned in other youth programs. They also work towards promotions in rank. Rank promotions require positive reports from the Young Marine’s teachers and parents, mastering knowledge and skills outlined in the Young Marine guide book and meeting physical fitness requirements.

Q: Are there any grooming standards?
A: Yes! All Young Marines and Recruits will adhere to the grooming standards and regulations. These standards are the same as the U.S. Marine Corps grooming standards including a fresh haircut and shave. 
Q: Is the Young Marines like other community-based programs?
A: Yes. Young Marine units are community-based programs run by dedicated adult volunteers in over 300 communities across the United States and Japan. Young Marine units are similar in nature to other organized youth groups. This unit meet once or twice a month with additional time for community service projects and encampments.
Q: Does the U.S. Marine Corps operate the Young Marines?
A: No! The Young Marine program is a subsidiary of the Marine Corps League. The adult staff is made up of volunteers and active duty, reserve, retired military personnel, as well as nonmilitary members. The U.S. Marine Corps recognizes the Young Marines as the focal organization for fulfilling its participation in the Department of Defense’s drug demand reduction activities, and also provides logistic and staffing support at their discretion.

Q: How can my child participate in the Young Marines?
A: The child interested in participating, as well as at least one parent or legal guardian, must attend an interest meeting. The child must also participate in a “basic training” type program that consists of up to five months and is tested on everything they have learned from basic drill movements and marching to physical endurance and classroom knowledge. Upon graduation, they will join the ranks of the Mecklenburg County Young Marines.

Q: How much does it cost to join the Young Marines?
A: The Mecklenburg County Young Marines charges $65.00 per child to join. Annual re-registration occurs in August/September at a cost of $60.00 per child.

Q: I'm interested in volunteering with the Young Marines. Do I have to be in the military or a veteran?
A: No! Volunteers are always welcome to apply, regardless of whether they have been in the military or not. All volunteer prospects must go through the application process and pass an extensive background check.

Q: How do I donate money to the Mecklenburg County Young Marines?
A: You can help us in our effort of strengthening the lives of America's youth by donating. If you desire to donate, please click our contact us link