How to sign Up

 Parents must send a contact request by clicking the Contact Us tab to obtain an enrollment application. When your child signs up they will be enrolled as a Poole (Pool-E) initially until the start of the next recruit class. The next recruit orientation will be October 12 2019 and registration will be November 16 2019. The recruit training class will start in the beginning of January 2020. The registration fees are $80.00. When your child registers they must follow the YM grooming standards, which includes but are not limited to, a proper haircut, shave, no earrings for males multiple ear and nose rings for females. These standards must be followed anytime a YM attends a function including drill meetings.

Poole Activities

 While your Poole awaits the start of their recruit training, he or she will come to the regular stated drill meetings for a period of two hours. During the two-hour session where they will execute PT (Physical Training), introduction to COD (Close Order Drill), and other instruction pertaining to the Young Marines. This is intended to prepare them for recruit training and their career in the Young Marines. 

Recruit training

 When recruit training starts, your recruit will undergo a 26-hour orientation 

program generally spread out over several monthly meetings. They will learn general subjects 

such as history, customs and courtesies, close order drill, physical fitness, and military rank 

structure, drug demand reduction classes and more. 

After graduation

 After graduating from the Young Marines Recruit Training, you will have the opportunity to learn even more new skills, earn rank, wear the Young Marines uniform and work toward ribbon awards. Young Marines earn ribbons for achievement in areas such as leadership, community service, swimming, academic excellence, first aid and drug resistance education. 

Participation is key

Young Marines are expected to attend unit functions and be active along with their fellow

Young Marines.

Coming to drill meetings prepared with all uniform items and gear is required.

A positive attitude and hard work will help you to be successful in this endeavor.

Having the desire to expect nothing but excellence from yourself.

Respecting yourself and others and striving to be your best.

Attending unit functions such as meetings, encampments and community service.